Jobs & Internships

Internships can be a valuable part of an undergraduate or graduate curriculum. Political Science students have taken internships in a wide variety of positions, a sample of which follows:

  • Local Government, California
  • Attorneys Offices, Private Firms
  • U.S. Congress
  • Legislature, State of California
  • Civic Education/Private Organizations
  • Superior Court, State of California
  • Election Campaigns
  • U.S. Federal Government

If interested in an internship as part of your overall education, please contact the department internship director Dr. Meredith Conroy at <> or (909) 537-5414.

Internships may be taken for course credit. The internship course is PSCI 575. Once you meet with the internship coordinator and you receive permission to enroll in the course, you will receive course credit upon successful completion of your internship. Please see the forms below for more information, which include:

  1. Syllabus for PSCI 575
  2. Application form for PSCI 575.
  3. Release of Liability